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Power to the Planner ✌🏻

Peel & Heal Studio is on a mission to dissolve hustle culture.

We're checking in with ourselves before checking things off our to-do list.

Because when we say "power to the planner", we believe paper is powerless without the person sitting behind it.

meet the maker

Spring Cleaning!

A clean, minimalist flatlay shows an open sketchbook open on a bright white desk, with a creamy cup of coffee and a woman's hands positioned around the perimeter with a pen at the ready, as though she just finished drawing. In the notebook page is a single line doodle of a sitting woman with curly hair wisps. Artwork by Peel & Heal Studio.

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hand-drawn designs

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your worth runs far deeper than daily checklists.

What's your plan for vivid reinvention?

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