Hi there-

My name is Haley DelPlato

I'm the face, brain, heart, and plot-twist navigator behind Peel & Heal Studio's art and advocacy efforts!

I'm SO glad you're here!

I'm Haley, the owner, artist, and advocate behind all things Peel & Heal! For as long as I can remember, I've relied on a paper planner to stay on top of priorities. Planning became essential to my young adult life, though, when I was diagnosed with mental illnesses and related physical health complications. I quickly gravitated towards decorative planning as a therapeutic and artistic coping skill to deal with my demons and was soon introduced to the benefits of journaling as well.

At a time in my life where the days felt like a blur and hope was fleeting, these tools were essential to my commitment in recovery. Not only did this hobby help me stay on top of all my appointments, it forced me to accept my reality and tackle the REAL issues head-on (which were vastly different from the primary concerns of my peer group at 20 years old).

As I became more involved in the planning community, I began to notice a lack of decorative options related to health and wellness. Not only that, but I sensed a pervasive trend of perfectionism that no doubt stifled the creativity of my fellow planner lovers. I taught myself how to make stickers to fulfill a personal need for meal trackers and therapy reminders during anorexia recovery. Not much later, I opened the virtual doors of Peel & Heal Studio on Etsy in the hopes of inspiring others to prioritize their physical and mental health before hitting rock bottom.

The mission of Peel & Heal Studio is simple: I want to help people reclaim their authenticity. I know what it feels like to grow up in a world that is productivity-obsessed and superficially driven. I spent years of my life sucked into cycles of self-hatred and self-destruction. As I've gained strength and confidence, though, I've realized the importance of sharing my story and the tools that helped me escape such an unfulfilled life. This transparency and candor is the backbone of my business. Taking ownership of our realities is the foundation for INCREDIBLE change. You have what it takes to face the messy stuff, pick yourself up, and redirect your dreams to a version of "success" that feels inspiring, not wearying. I'm blessed to have a platform to encourage people towards these types of personal revolutions.

Through Peel & Heal Studio, I am proud to provide meaningful planning tools that ring true to YOUR individualized struggles and cultivate a sense of self-worth. Health doesn't look the same for everyone. There is great strength in taking ownership of your life and realizing your inherent worth. There is even more power in the ability to take that self-worth and use it as FUEL for genuine, sustainable personal growth.

With the understanding that every single person is trekking along his/her own unique path to well-being, I strive to create planning tools that honor wherever you are in your healing process & resources that acknowledge the importance and validity of your trials and tribulations. Peel & Heal Studio represents my efforts to help YOU along your wellness journey while simultaneously challenging the misconception that wellness is a one-size-fits-all goal. 

Thanks so much for checking out what Peel & Heal Studio has to offer! Your support of my creative venture means the world to me and continues to inspire growth and stability in my own healing process. Wishing you health, happiness, and sunshine - now and always! You are SO worth it.

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