I love working one-on-one with customers to create stickers and planning tools that fit your exact needs! That said, availability for custom design work is limited each month. Please check out the following options:


  • You can always submit your general design requests over in the pinned post of our Facebook group (Peel & Heal Studio's Progress Posse) if you think your idea would be relevant to other customers!

  • I also offer custom sticker samplers - these are perfect to serve as contact cards for planner conferences and local meetups so that you can connect with your new friends on social media AND share the Peel & Heal love with them. We have a few options for those and they do require advance notice. See details regarding pricing below.

  • If you have an individualized need, please send your custom request via email: info@peelandheal.com. Be sure to include the quantity you'd be purchasing, as well as any specifications or ideas related to deadlines/design/size. I will take a look and get back to you as soon as possible to let you know whether or not my schedule will be able to accommodate your custom request. Please note: custom designs will be priced slightly higher than our standard listings.

Custom Samplers


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