What's coming up this month at Peel & Heal Studio?
Look no further!
Visit our FB Group to learn about and join a free Heart Space session at 3pm.
Head to Instagram for a live video series, Tough Topics Detangled, Wednesdays at 3:30pm
Also on IG, we'll TRASH YOUR INSECURITIES each month.
Head to our anonymous form to submit an insecurity this month!



If you're new to the Progress Posse (see below!), here are a few tidbits to help ya get the MOST out of Peel & Heal's freebies, discounts, and learning opportunities along the way!

  • PROGRESS POSSE = the term we lovingly use to refer to the amazing community of people committed to healing, growing, learning, and supporting others with authenticity and self-compassion! Basically, if you follow & interact with posts from Peel & Heal Studio or have joined our FB group, you're a member of the Progress Posse! (PSSTT...you get an extra freebie with orders if you use the FB code-word!)

  • FRESHLY PEELED = an indicator for new releases, Peel & Heal style!

  • Be sure you're signed up for emails-- at the beginning of each month, we send a "Self Care Saturday" email that is always packed with tips, videos, inspiration, AND even! Our first ever digital download, in fact, was put through a "trial run" with our email list! They had access before the website even saw it coming 😉...so go ahead, open a new tab and sign yourself up! You won't wanna miss the free monthly content!

  • HUMP DAY HEALING is our Wednesday sale to help y'all get through the week with the excitement of upcoming happy mail!! Stay tuned to the shop calendar to see which weeks we'll have sales, and what products will be featured (either at a discount OR as their debut!!)

  • Let's chat about #motivationmondayposse. This is our very own hashtag! Add it to your most encouraging posts each week, and be on the lookout for Peel & Heal's account to post an inspiring story, fave quote, or motivational words for ya!! The beauty of the hashtag? When you're having a rough day, even NOT a Monday, you can follow the hashtag to find a bunch of positive posts from our very own community members! Real life stuff, no filter, to remind you that you CAN do this!

  • Every single month, I encourage you to write down any insecurities that you find holding you back. You can submit those in the highlights "TRASH 'EM" section on Instagram or simply fill out this google form with your anonymous insecurity submission. At the end of the month, you're invited to join me for a live video ("Trash your insecurities") on Instagram, where I read off all of our perceived flaws and barriers to success and...yes, LITERALLY... trash the paper they're written on. It's a refreshing way to start your months without the weight of insecurity weighing on you!

Hope that helps, friend! If you EVER are left wondering about something, don't be shy! Send over an email using our contact form to ask lingering questions OR simply to introduce yourself! I love meeting the individuals who are supporting my dreams and hearing how Peel & Heal Studio's products can best serve your needs! Thanks a million for joining in the journey.

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