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NOT just stickers

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NOT just stickers

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Peel & Heal Studio celebrates National Sticker Day with a very special die cut design that says "NOT just stickers". Printed on matte non-removable sticker paper

In an effort to inspire other creatives to embrace their hobbies despite judgement, we offer this die cut as a reminder to stay true to yourself. Often, creative products produced by small businesses are just seen as silly little doodles. Fun ways to pass the time. Obsessive or "extra"... but we, as a community, know that the designs and products purchased from independent shops are so much more than items.

For consumers, planner stickers are structure...inspiration...personal splashes on a rainy day. For the makers, these stickers are art -- pieces of our soul that we share in an attempt to put our messages & our footprint out there in the world. They're our livelihood and our late-night passion projects.


Peel & Heal Studio will never be JUST a sticker shop. The hope is that our designs, product lines, and messages provide you with safe spaces (both physical and metaphorical) to embrace your authenticity, practice self-love without judgement, and make forward strides that are relevant to YOU.


Thank you for purchasing from Peel & Heal Studio -- for keeping a dream alive and for validating our beliefs that planning is SO much more than to-do lists bound together. They're vehicles for progress & wellness. Self-reflection. Snapshots of our ups and downs. If you're with us in the belief that they're "not just stickers", share your story using the hashtag #juststickersjustme -- together, we can create a ripple effect inspiring more people to EMBRACE their hobbies, eliminate shame, and sustain supportive environments of continued learning -- because so very often, there's more to a story or a hobby or a product than what meets the eye.